Here it comes!!

I just finished my theory test for Operating System 2.. Already done the practical test
on the same subject this morning. Well, the tests was quite okay. Not so hard
yet not so easy.. Moderate.. I'm having a headache now. Haih~ Don't know why..
Feel very relief that i managed to survive this week. Had test every day, plus with assignment n presentation need to be submitted. Thank God i managed to finished everything. And now
i'm very relief. But not for long. Final exam is next week. or should i say, next 2 days..huhu..

I have 8 papers for my final this semesters.
  • Web Programming
  • Islamic Studies
  • Operating System 2
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Basic Computer Forensic
  • Network Perimeter Security
Wondering why are some of it marked with red? hehehe... those are the subject that i considered as hard.. hehehe... Hopefully i can cover all of it before final.. huhuhu..
Guys, pray 4 my success will ya... =) wish me luck..
thanx y'all..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Life now..

I'm totally emotionally down now.. huhuhu.. am missing my girl so much... =( well, i heven't talk bout her in my blog yet.. so, in dis post i'll rite a lil bit bout my sweet girl.. =)

we met in da bus on our way back to malacca.. She sit next to me in da bus.. As usual, i stick da earphone into my ears n trying to sleep while ignoring all da peoples around me... it's not dat i'm kinda ego or proud person, it's juz me.. dun wanna get into others matter.. or sort of.. well, it was on the 15th february.. she's kinda cute.. u noe... that's my first tought when i saw her.. n she's surely cute... xp so, we sat next to each other.. while i'm trying to sleep, suddenly she asked me how long is da journey going to take?.. n i told her, normally it's 2 hours.. if there's no traffic jam.. then, we continue doing our work.. well not for long..xp she's kinda friendlygirl n love to ask questions.. so, we talked all the way to malacca.. well, i kinda fall asleep quite a few time... xp then, she asked for my email n i gave her.. she added me in her friendster.. then, we started to drop comment for each others.. n YM-ed..

i got her phone number n we started calling n sms-ing each other everyday... until one day when she had a BIG problem.. n needed help.. n sure i helped her n we become much closer.. then on 20th march 08 we declared as couple.. hehehe... n until today we still stay as couple.. n i love her so much... hehehe... n her name is Nursyazwani Bt Zulkifli.. Yup, dat's my girl.. A TESL's student from UNISEL, former student of MGS and Technic Jasin. Live in Taman Merdeka, Batu Berendam, da only daughter in her family, she's da eldest n has 4 siblings including her.. She'd help me so many times.. Understanding and charming girl she is.. xD on top of that i love her sooo much! xD

well, aite now i'm missing her soooo much.. we haven't met for a long time.. huhuhu... =(

My studies:

well, dis week was really2 hectic week... Almost everyday i got test, both practical n theory + tonnes of assignment need to be submitted.. Haih~ Also, almost everyday we had class from morning untill night.. Haih~ i'm dead tired guys.. next week would be da same... n da week after dat is our final exam's week.. Yup2.. no study week.. n on da saturday, we even have a class until 7 p.m. our first paper start on da next monday 28th april.. there'll be 2 papers on monday... arghhh! i'm starting to loose my mind aite now.. haih~ plus da lecturers dat i mention before.. da one who don't know what the hell is she teaching in front of da class... she's da worst nightmare.. she's trying to act like she knows what she teach.. She
even copied da presentation from da internet.. she claimed dat it was her who did it.. BULLSHIT.. huhuhu...

well, guys, wish me luck for my final exams.. i'm surely need it.. seriously.. huhuhu... am going out for dinner now.. and watch da epl match between Man U vs Blackburn.. Glory2 Man U.. xD


~My Sweet girl~

Saturday, April 19, 2008