Hols guys!!

Finally, it's holiday... It was a very2 hectic semester... Internship, internship report, proposal, presentations and final exam.. n assignments... Damn, now i can relax a lil bit...
what a relief.. But still, i need to figure out the quotation of our project.. Not just me, the whole group members..

A lil bit on the presentation here.. Our project is about creating an LMS for GMi.. FYI, the current gmi's website can't be opened. I think that the admin is busy with something else, instead of the website. So, my group will create an LMS that will reorganized the system...

The final exam part.. Since i got back to GMI on sundat.. It's kinda last minute study for me, because my first exam start on the next day.. That night, i studied like hell.. memorized every tips given by my lecturer.. Thankfully, on the exam day, my hand hurt so much because i can't stop writing the answers.. Hehehe... Same goes to the 2nd paper... After memorizing all da tips given, my hand got tortured again on the next day because i can't stop writing the answers.. I felt very gratefull, cuz' i can answer all the questions..

The review part.. After the project proposal presentation, we were asked to do some adjusting in our project, and the review took placed on the 18th. We managed to pass the review. And next semester, we will start to create the LMS.

The celebration part..  We went to sg gabai to release all the tensions. Seriously, da place was magnificent. it's a waterfall actually. The 1st time i played a natural 'gelongsor' on the waterfall rock. The water was deadly freezing n i can't stop shivering. Hahaha.. we really enjoy our trip there. So, for the final semester, we already had at least one activity to be done.. hehhee...

Hepi Hola y'all!!!

~sign out~

Sunday, December 21, 2008