Hols guys!!

Finally, it's holiday... It was a very2 hectic semester... Internship, internship report, proposal, presentations and final exam.. n assignments... Damn, now i can relax a lil bit...
what a relief.. But still, i need to figure out the quotation of our project.. Not just me, the whole group members..

A lil bit on the presentation here.. Our project is about creating an LMS for GMi.. FYI, the current gmi's website can't be opened. I think that the admin is busy with something else, instead of the website. So, my group will create an LMS that will reorganized the system...

The final exam part.. Since i got back to GMI on sundat.. It's kinda last minute study for me, because my first exam start on the next day.. That night, i studied like hell.. memorized every tips given by my lecturer.. Thankfully, on the exam day, my hand hurt so much because i can't stop writing the answers.. Hehehe... Same goes to the 2nd paper... After memorizing all da tips given, my hand got tortured again on the next day because i can't stop writing the answers.. I felt very gratefull, cuz' i can answer all the questions..

The review part.. After the project proposal presentation, we were asked to do some adjusting in our project, and the review took placed on the 18th. We managed to pass the review. And next semester, we will start to create the LMS.

The celebration part..  We went to sg gabai to release all the tensions. Seriously, da place was magnificent. it's a waterfall actually. The 1st time i played a natural 'gelongsor' on the waterfall rock. The water was deadly freezing n i can't stop shivering. Hahaha.. we really enjoy our trip there. So, for the final semester, we already had at least one activity to be done.. hehhee...

Hepi Hola y'all!!!

~sign out~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finished my Final Year Project Group Proposal~

Lost in  GMI Futsal Tournament..

In training with a company named Spirent~ Da trainer come from beijing.. Kinda hard to iunderstand his english
Training will continue untill saturday..

Got Presentation on the proposal next week~

My parents are going for haji this thursday~

Having a lot of sleeps nowadays...

Need something that can boost me up~

Haven't prepare anything for da presentation yet..

~off to bed~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Admin Sucks..

Akhirnya, aku berjaya gak siapkan individual final year project proposal aku.. Walaupun kena selesema, dan sekarang ni kena batuk2 dan sakit kepala, aku berjaya gak siapkan. Jumaat ni kena hantar proposal untuk group pulak. Haih~ Semester ni memang memeningkan kepala.

Aku ngan kawan-kawan ader dapat guidance untuk buat proposal tu sebenarnya. Tapi guidance yg dibuat oleh GMI secara spesifiknya adalah untuk jurusan yang lain selain daripada jurusan aku ni. Kiranya, guidance yang diberikan tu, untuk jurusan aku, sangat tidak membantu.

Bayangkan, kebanyakannya nak buat projek yang berkaitan dengan programming. Guidance yang kitorang dpt pulak pasal projek yang berkaitan dengan mesin2. proposal tu pulak kne sekurang2nya 20 muka surat. Secara jujurnya, bagi aku, pihak GMI ni macam pandang remeh je benda2 ni. Diorang malas nak edit guidance tu, juz print balik semester lepas punye guidance.

Head of Section aku plak, daripada pandangan aku dan kawan2, macam orang yg tak tahu apa2 tp tiba diangkat jadi head of section. Haih~ X membantu langsung. Ada jugak la lecturer aku yg menasihatkan supaya kitorang x terlalu mengharap pada GMI. Sbb nye, GMI ni xbleh harap.

So, aku tengah pening kepala pasal final year project aku sem depan. The storm is coming guys. Hold your hands together and juz pray for the best. Huhuhu...

~sign out~

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Keseimbangan dan keadilan

Keseimbangan menjadikan kehidupan manusia lebih aman dan makmur. Tanpa keseimbangan, keamanan dan kemakmuran itu akan hancur dengan mudahnya. Begitu juga dengan keadilan, tanpa keadilan, hak-hak setiap individu itu akan dirobek dan dirampas, menandakan kekejaman dan penindasan bermula. Masakan hak manusia akan dibela jika tiada keadilan. yang miskin dan tidak berkuasa akan ditindas, yang kaya dan berkuasa akan dibela. Yang kaya akan terus kaya, yang miskin papa kedana.

Melihat pada keputusan hakim untuk membebaskan Razak Baginda, kebanyakan rakan-rakan blogger yang aku lawati menyatakan wujudnya campur tangan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan isterinya. Kebanyakan mereka merasakan terdapat konspirasi disebalik kejadian ini. 2 oran pegawai polis yang masih ditahan akan menjadi 'kambing hitam'. Moga-moga kebenaran dan keadilan itu akan terbukti dan terlihat, InsyaAllah.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fast update~

Got my hands full wif reports..
3 reports...
Not even 1 are done yet..
1 to be submited tomorrow.. tomorrow? damn~
Cleaned my rooms just now..
Bought a pair of hamsters...
Started my report on in-plant training... though dunno wut to write
Thought of subscribing for the celcom broadband...
Sedang dalam kemalasan...
bestnye tido~
~sign out~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grouping and FYP..

Well, da class had started.. My first class was Intrusion Detection and Prevention. Da lecturer is Ms Mazuin. Already got an assignment during da first class. Alhamdulillah, it's done and me n Zaini had presented it just now. During da 1st day also we were asked to decide our group for the Final Year Project. Me and Zaini had already decided who's going to be in our team. At first, there was no problem. Not until a couple of girls in my class didn't have any group. That's right, no one had chosen them to be their group member.

A few simple reasons why is there no one wanted these girls. They're lazy and stubborn. Plus, they're over arrogant. Seriously, i don't like them at all. And i got some info that they don't like me too. WTF? Back to da story.. So, because of these two "beach", all da class members need to discuss about da grouping after class. We had a discussion at the hostel's cafe. While we, who already had our own group, discussing on where to put these to "beach", both of them went to eat and react like da discussion had nothing to do with them. Gosh, i'm totally freaked out during dat time. Look how irresponsible they're. Plus, some of my friends went to ask them whether they're ok with da group WE'd DECIDED for them. WTF? Who did they think they're?

After finished da discussion, i'd thought this thing was settled once and for all. However, dat noght, one of my group member,kak rda, text zaini and ask for his opinion about taking one of the girls into our group. We disagree and i told kak eda to quit worryingbout them when they didn't worry about themselves.

So, finish with da grouping problems, and they'd join a group.. Finally.. i don't think the group will be happy to have those two jerks wif em.

Juz now, we'd a briefing wif our ne head of sections on the FYP. We're assigned to our own supervisor. Each group got one supervisor. Mine is Mr Hafiz Razali. hehehe... Oh.. and i'd been elected as the group leader.. Not so good for me.. I'll b da one who'll be facing da lecturers and "prepare my ears". if only we'd a problem with da lecturers.

I have 3 reports waiting for me. One on the in-plant training, one on the individual project proposal, and the last one will only be reality if one of my group members proposal is approved. for the FYP, we want to create a student portal for GMI. If u guys went to the GMI's website, the site is really unsistematic, not up-to-date at all and lack of so many things. So, we want to create a portal that canbe easily update anytime and can cover almost everything related to our Institute. A lot of programming need to be done, of coz. Wish me luck guys.. HuHuHu....

~sign out~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to campus.

It seems like just ysterday i'd started my practical, and today i'm back to campus again.
Thank god amer got the celcom broadband already. Dunno what will happened if he didn't. Yesterday, it was raining cat and dog here, same like today.

Oh, i'd already registered just now. Paid da fees and collect my result.
And now i'm in my room at the hoste. Da room is ok, not so bad. We just need to do some cleanup a lil bit but still, dunno when to start. Have to buy the broom and mop first. Already cleanup my table and locker. Kinda dusty. Da floor is worst.. So, within these few days, we're gonna do some cleanup.

I hope so..
~sign out~

Monday, October 20, 2008

Apa itu Melayu..

Sekadar ingin berkongsi dengan rakan-rakan. Fakta ini diambli daripada blog seorang rakan Najwan .

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Last Few Days Left

Only a few days of my practical left.. 8 days remaining.. Minus weekend, less than a week left. I'm trying to enjoy da last few days here. It's getting better and better everyday. Supposed to go to UiTM Shah Alam yesterday, but it's cancelled in the last minute. Supposed to help da guys to setup the lab for 3P project there. But it was done already. They'd done it during the site visit the day before. So, now i've got nothing to do. it's such a pain when u have nothing to do during practical, u couldn't write it in the log book that u'd done nothing today. Haih~

Speaking of the log book, i'd missed writing it for about a month and now i'd to brainstorming to remember what i'd done for da past one month. Haih~ It really is a pain in the ass.. hahaha... Some of my friends told me dat i'd to register back to our campus on the 18th of October. Damn~ Our practical finished at 17th. WTF? No rest? At least give us some time during the weekend. Haih~

Oh yeah, i'll be staying in da hostel with BangZai, Amer, Peci and Paan. Am hoping that 2 of these guys won't change their mind. It's should be much easier if we're staying in the hostel. Easy to gather around if we need to do any discussions or group works. Considering that our final year project is coming nearer, staying in the hostel is da best choice.

A few things are bothering my mind right now. I'm going to finish my diploma June next year. And then what? Continue wif degrees or work for a while. Maybe i'll straightly continue for my degree. But.. Where ? Haih~ Bang Zai told me about the SPC Skim Pelajar Cemerlang) by MARA. It'll help u to pursue ur study abroad. That does sound good. But, only those with outstanding CGPA can jon it. Which mean that i have to struggle a lil bit more to gain at least 3.5, hopefully higher than that for da remaining 2 semesters. It's only 3.0 now.. Huhuhu... Will asked my supervisors to give me full mark for my remaining 3 monthly evaluations. Hehe.. Peeped into da Education UK's website recently. Trying to look for some Universities that offer course that's related to my current course. Found some and i had my target now. Will work for it, InsyaAllah. Wish me Luck guys!!

p/s: to my sis, any opinion?

~sign out~

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Terdapat sedikit perubahan mengenai tarikh Majlis Rumah Terbuka AIC dan Yayasan Aman sempena dengan Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maklumat-maklumat baru mengenai majlis tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

Tarikh    : 25 Oktober 2008
Waktu    : 4.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.
Tempat   : Pejabat AIC dan Yayasan Aman, Seksyen 16/4, Petaling Jaya

Untuk tidak menyulitkan pihak pengurusan, sila maklumkan kehadiran anda di dalam forum http://www.anwaribrahimclub.com/forum/index.php/topic,2167.0.html sebelum 19 Oktober 2008.

Anda semua dialu-alukan untuk membawa kuih raya bersama ketika menghadiri majlis tersebut.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Iftar F5'05 Ex-Student STP

Setelah berminggu-minggu merancang dan mempromosi, akhirnya pada 27/10/2008 bersamaan dengan Hari Sabtu yang lalu telah diadakan Majlis Berbuka Puasa (Baca ;Gathering) untuk bekas pelajar-pelajar STP Sesi 01/05 (aku kire 04/05.. xpuas ati? blh blah..). Seramai 46 orang telah menghadiri majlis tersebut, termasuk Pn. Daslina dan keluarga.
Aku sendiri tiba agak lewat sedikit kerana mengalami masalah pengangkutan, tapi Alhamdulillah, masalah tersebut berjaya diatasi last minute. Dalam perjalanan menujue ke Medan Ikan Bakar, Umbai tu, aku amik skali Ctm dan Fida. Ketibaan ak disambut (xde kompang mahupun karpet merah) oleh rakan-rakan yang telah tiba lebih awal. Setelah bersalaman, kelihatan beberapa kelibat yang hadir tetapi nama mereka tidak ada dalam list kehadiran aku. Bagi mengelakkan kekalutan, aku meminta Wak unuk mengenalpasti berapa orang yang hadir pada hari tersebut tetapi tidak memberitahu aku lebih awal.

Setelah mengetahui jumlah mereka, aku segera menuju ke gerai no 12 untuk memaklumkan penambahan bilangan tetamu kepada tuan punya kedai (Mak Cik Lin). Walaupun beliau tahu penambahan bilangan tetamu bermakna, income beliau akan bertambah, Mak Cik Lin cuba menyorokkan ekspresi sebenar kegembiraan dalam hatinya. Beliau cube menutup perasaan tersebut dengan mengerutkan dahi seolah-olah beliau mengalami kesukaran untuk "menerima income yg lebih" (yoko mak cik?). Namun begitu, akhirnya beliau setuju (haa... kn da ckp da..) untuk menambahkan lagi bilangan lauk-pauk, nasi dan juga air minuman untuk 4 orang (jumlah tambahan bilangan tetamu).

Alhamdulillah, setelah melalui beberapa kesukaran, akhirnya majlis tersebut berjaya dijalankan. Keriangan dan kegembiraan jelas kelihatan kat muke kenkawan yang hadir. Kelihatan flash-flash kamera digital (ader ke yg gne camera yg ader film tu lg? boooo!!) terpancar seperti pancaran kilat yang mengalahkan typhoon kategori 4. Keriuhan dan gelak-tawa menggamatkan (mentimun lautkan) lagi suasana. Daripada meja makan, mereka beralihan ke pentas di tengah-tengah kawasan medan ikan bakar tersebut untuk bergambar. Dengan gaya jurufoto berjari bengkok (untuk menekan button snap), tertonggeng-tonggeng, dan juga ada yang hampir meniarap untuk mendapatkan sudut-sudut gambar yang menarik.

Secara keseluruhannya, aku selaku penganjur berpuas hati (da name penganjur, kalo ak xpuaskn ati aku, sape lg?) dengan perjalanan majlise tersebut. Aku memohon maaf kepada korang semua kalau ader yang terkurang ke sepanjang majlis tersebut berjalan. Kalo terlebih tu, rezeki koranglah. Jumlah bayaran untuk 36 orang pada hari tersebut adalah sebanyak RM1080. Resit boleh korang minta dan lihat daripada aku. Umah xde scanner, mls nk scan. So, harap korang semua hepi dengan majlis tersebut. Jutaan terima kasih kepada mereka yang turut membantu aku menjalankan majlsi tersebut. Terima kasih juga kepada mereka yang memberikan kerjasama dan hadir pada majlis tersebut. Sesunguhnya, jasa dan keluangan masa korang itu amatlah dihargai. Sekian.
~sign out~

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramadhan & Syawal

Sedar tak sedar, tinggal kurang lebih seminggu sahaja lagi untuk kita berpuasa di Bulan Ramadhan. Lepas tu dah raya dah. Maknnya sekarang ni kita berada dalam 10 malam terakhir bulan Ramadhan. Semestinya ramai yang menggandakan amal ibadat mereka pada malam-malam akhir ini untuk mendapatkan malam Lailatul Qadar. Harapnye, kita sama-sama dapat mengecapi nikmat malam tersebut. Ada gak yang dok wat persiapan nak raya ni. Pun begitu, janganlah diabaikan perkara-perkara wajib. Manelah tau ader yang penat cat umah ke, potong rumput keliling umah di bawah sinaran matahari yang panas tu, takut-takut ader yang terus berbuka je.

Disebabkan Syawal da dekat ni, macam biasalah, aku nk ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir n Batin. terutama sekali kepada:

Keluarga aku kat kampung halaman tu ha. Sabolah menanti kepulangan den ni ha.

Kakak aku yang beraya di perantauan buat kali keduanya, sabar la ye. Jangan sedih2.. Selamat Hari Raya n Maaf Zahir n Batin. Wariskanlah duit raya ko kat aku sebagai anak yang ke-2 ni. :p Sis, kasut ak xsmpi2 lg ni.. huhuhuu..

Kawan - kawan aku, tak kire la kat mane pun korang berada. Selamat Hari Raya diucapkan dan Maaf Zahir n Batin. 0-0 la pasni.

Last but not least, kepada pembaca-pembaca blog aku ni, thanx sebab sudi singgah. Sma-lah kita terus memperjuangkan keadilan dan menentang kezaliman.

Korang juga dijemput untuk datang beraya ke rumah aku. tapi call dulu la sebelum datang
takut nanti korang melakukan pekerjaan yang sia-sia bila dtg n xde sape kt umah. :D

Akhir kata,

~sign out~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Majlis Jamuan Hari Raya AIC dan Yayasan Aman

Sukacitanya aku ingin menjemput kawan - kawan aku yang ingin menghadiri Majlis Jamuan Hari Raya tersebut. Keada sesiapa yang ingin menghadiri majlis tersebut sila maklumkan kepada aku sebelum 3 Oktober untuk dimaklumkan kepada pihak yang bertanggungjawab. Butir-Butir adalah seperti berikut:

Date : 11/10/2008
Time : 4.00 p.m till 10.00 p.m.
Venue: Pejabat AIC dan Yayasan Aman, Seksyen 16/4 PJ

Jom kita meramaikn lagi majlis tersebut.

Lawatan sambil belajar MP2 Bee End..

Aku ingat pelajar-pelajar sekolah sahaja yang ada lawatan sambil belajar. Rupa-rupanya MP pun ada. Semalam, seramai 41 orang MP terbang ke Taiwan dan 8 orang lagi akan berlepas pada hari ini untuk mempelajari secara dekat program pertanian di Taiwan. Jumlahnya, 49 MP.. Kos perbelanjaan berapa? Diorang akan berada di sana bermula dari semalam sehingga 19/09 jika aku tak silap lah. Lama tu weh.. Kalau dah nama MP yang pergi, tak mungkinlah diorang akan tinggal di hotel yang murah dan makan di gerai-gerai tepi jalankan. Mengapa perlu dibazirkan duit menghantar mereka sedangkan bukan mereka yang akan bertani. Bukan diorang yang akan pergi ke ladang.

Atau mungkin ada konspirasi lain disebalik kejadian ini. Bayangkan mereka akan berada di sana sehingga 19/09. Adakah ini salah satu taktik kotor Pak bodolah untuk menghalang perancangan DSAI membentuk kerajaan baru pada 16/09 ini? Takutkah pak bodolah? Haih~ Dihantarnya MP Sabah dan Sarawak yang dier takut akan lompat parti untuk menggagalkan perancangan DSAI. Tak pe, kita tunggu dan lihat apa yang akan terjadi. Ada biknya kalau duit yang dibazirkan dengan menghantar MP2 tu digunakan untuk membantu mangsa-mangsa banjir di Kedah. Atau mereka sengaja nak bazirkan dan tak nak membantu rakyat Kedah kerana Negeri itu kini ditakluki oleh pembangkang?
Haih~ Nampak sangat takut dan bodoh dlm mentadbir. Undilah Bee End untuk menjahanamkan hidup anda!

~sign out~

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kembalinya Ramadhan..

Dalam kesibukan merancang untuk majlis berbuka bersama akan-rakan sekolah aku dahulu, aku terlupa untuk mengucapkan Salam Ramadhan kepada rakan-rakan ku semua. Bukan apa, terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu difikirkan bagi memuaskan hati rakan-rakanku yang lama sudah tidak berjumpa. Bagi aku, alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. Alang-alang buat majlis begini, aku harapkan sesuatu yang agak 'grand' dan akan memuaskan hati setiap oang yang menghadirinya. Ah sudah.. Lari jauh daripada tajuk asal ni...

Setelah setahun meninggalkan kita semua, akhirnya ramadhan kembali lagi. Bai aku, ramadhan kali ini sama seperti yang lepas, cuma kali ini aku berpuasa sambil berpraktikal di Cyberjaya yang merupakan anara tempat yang paling panas dalam Malaysia. Nasi baiklah aku hanya duduk di dalam pejabat sahaj. Kalaulah disuruh kerja seperti pekerja kontrak, pengsan aku dibuatnya nanti. Pun begitu, dalam satu atau dua minggu lagi, aku diarahka untuk pergi sama ada ke Alor Setar atau Port Dickson. Aku berharap sangat disuruh pergi ke Port Dickson sahaja. Sungguhpun perjalanan ke Alor Setar adalah dengan menaiki kaal terbang, aku tetap lebih rela memandu ke Port Dickson. Pengalaman menaiki pesawat Air Asia cukup untuk membuatkan aku serik untuk menaiki pesawat daripada syarikat itu lagi.

Secara jujurnya, sudah 3 hari aku ketinggalan untuk melakukan solat tarawikh. Sama ada terlalu penat ataupun tidak berkesempatan. Seperti ramadhan yang sebelumnya, aku sentiasa berharap agar ramadhan kali ini dapat membantu aku untuk berhenti merokok. Haih~ Harapan tanpa usaha mana mungkin akan berjaya. Apa pun, aku berharap ramadhan kali ini akan menambahkan lagi kekuatan iman dan meninggikan lagi tahap kesabaran kita semua. Semoga ramadhan kali ini juga akan memberikah hidayah kepada kita semua untuk merenung dan menginsafi segala kesilapan, penipuan, pembohongan, fitnah, rasuah dan segala perbuatan keji yang pernah dilakukan (jika ada). Harapan aku agar segala yang keruh itu akan berlalu bersama bulan ramadhan nanti. Sama-samalah kita berdoa untuk mendapatkan keredhaan ALLAH SWT dan dijauhkan dari segala kemungkaran. InsyaAllah.

Aku bercadang untuk berbuka bersama bebeapa orang rakan-rakan aku daripada AIC ahad ini. Tapi kemungkinan besar ak terpaksa membatalkan niat aku kerana, aku mungkin akan balik ke semenyih selepas berbuka. Haih~ Pun begitu, 20.09.08 ini aku tetap akan berusaha untuk bersama-sama berbuka dan bertarawikh bersama kawan-kawan AIC Lembah Klang. Tak sabar la pulak.. Hahaha.. Ni satu lagi, buat rakan-rakan yang sedang membaca ni, marilah bersama-sama kta menyertai AIC ni dan menyokong perjuangan Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Tak de ape yang nak ditakutkan. :D Peace~

~sign out~

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Victory Is Ours!!

Permatang Pauh kini kekal sebagai kubu kuat PKR. Wakil rakyat mereka yang hilang selama 1 dekad kini kembali mewakli mereka untuk menyuarakan pendapat dalam parlimen. Kemenangan dengan majoriti yang lebih besar. Ini bermakna, rakyat langsung tidak ambil peduli apa yang dikempenkan oleh Bee End. Pun begitu, Bee End rasa mereka mampu untuk menang di Permatan Pauh. Keyakinan yang ditunjukkan oleh Bee End agak menakjubkan. Kebodohan yang amat menakjubkan. Masih lagi beromong-omong kosong setelah kereta Al-Syeikh Najib Al-Mongoliani dibaling dengan air botol dan syeikh ini telah dihalau beberapa kali ketika melawat pondok Bee End di Permatang Pauh. Bagaimana mereka boleh tidak menyedari betapa rakyat tidak suka dan tidak lagi mahu orang - orang Bee End memimpin mereka. Buta hati barangkali.

Kemenangan Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim dengan majoriti yang lebih besar di Permatang Pauh juga menunjukkan bahawa, "Jihad" para wanita UMNO yang diketuai oleh Kak Jat, tidak berhasil. Tidak mengapalah Kak Jat, mungkin anda telah mendapat pahala mengikut konsep Islam Hadharinya. Jihad.. Islam Hadhari.. Kenapalah orang Bee End ni masih lagi buta.. Lagi-lagi penyokong-penyokong mereka. Tengok Kak Jat tu, tudung terlondeh da, rambut tersembul keluar, tapi cakap pasal nak berjihad. Orang-orang Bee End, Lu Pikir la sendiri!!

Semalam DSAI telah mengangkat sumpah di Parlimen. Nah, lepas ni bergegarlah parlimen dengan kehadiran beliau. Tidak senang duduklah Pak Menteri semua. Tidur malam pun bermimpi ngeri. Smoga berjaya mengharungi saki baki kehidupan anda di Palimen wahai pak menteri Bee End sekalian. Enjoy the day while you still can~ Bersedia untuk reformasi yang akan mengubah kerajaan dan hidup rakyat kepada yang lebih baik dari sekarang!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

"Jihadwati dan Gay Sejati"

Kak Jat dan Wanita ameno cakap diorang anggap perjuangan diorang untuk menghalang "individu tertentu" menjadi PM untuk agenda peribadi sebagai satu "jihad". Nah, aku agak terkesima bila baca dan dengar melalui media-media yang ada. Kak Jat? Jihad? Kalau betullah mereka akan "berjihad" dengan sedemikian rupa terutamanya di Permatang Pauh, kemungkinan besar PKR akan menang dengan majoriti yang lebih besar. Bayangkan Kak Jat pergi ke rumah orang-orang kampung di Permatang Pauh, dengan tudungnya yang nak terlondeh, gincu tebal, tudung lip-lapnya, mata penuh dengan maskara. Aku takut ada saja Wanita Ameno yang keluar rumah dengan kesan tapak tangan dimuka masing-masing. Fahami dulu maksud sebenar jihad sebelum menggunakan perkataan jihad itu sendiri. Bayangkan kalau Pemuda Ameno pun "berjihad" bersama-sama dengan Wanita dan Puteri Ameno. Menang besarlah PKR di Permatang Pauh nanti. Kak Jat "Si Jihadwati".

Imbas kembali pertuduhan yang dikenakan terhadap DSAI yang lepas. Beliau didakwa melakukan hubungan seks yang bertentangan dengan tabii secara suka sama suka. Dalam post aku yang sebelum ini, aku sudah ulas mengenai pendakwaaan tersebut. Suka sama suka. DSAI bertanya mengapa SI Musang tidak didakwa jika pertuduhan mengatakan bahawa mereka melakukannya secara suka sama suka? Hamid tolong jawabkan sebabnya adalah kerana SI Musang yang membuat laporan. Oleh yang demikian, Si Musang dikira sebagai saksi utama dan tidak boleh didakwa. Ini apa punya peraturan ni? Aku ambil satu contoh yang dikemukakan oleh seorang blogger. Jika A dan B membunuh C dan A membuat laporan polis mengatakan B membunuh C dimana A membantu B. Adakah A akan turut didakwa atau A akan dibebaskan kerana melaporkan kepada polis mengenai pembunuhan yang dia turut bersubahat?

Baiklah. Daripada pertuduhan yang dibacakan juga aku simpulkan bahawa Si Musang ini mengaku yang dirinya adalah seorang homoseksual? Ya atau tidak? Nah, kalau ya, sudah tentu akidah Si Musang ini sudah jauh terpesong dan adakah sumpah laknatnya itu boleh diterima? Sumpah Si Musang yang tidak reti menyebut Watallahi dan memegang Al-Quran ditangan kirinya? Dan dia sama seperti umat Nabi Luth. Si Musang, Telah diciptakan oleh Allah S.W.T ( lihat pada ejaan ini wahai Si Musang, bukannya S.A.W ), perempuan untuk dipasangkan dengan lelaki. Mengapa mahu dilawan ketentuan Tuhan. Lebih memalukan lagi, kau menggunakan nama Tuhan untuk bersumpah tetapi engkau melawan fitrahNya. Terus terang aku katakan disini bahawa aku langsung tidak percayakan kau walaupun kau bersumpah laknat. Tidak tergugat langsung kepercayaan aku bahawa DSAI tidak bersalah. Moga ditunjukkan segala kebenaran dan keadilan dihadapan mata semua orang agar mereka tahu bahawa engkau dan penyokong-penyokong engkau adalah pendusta yang nyata dan jelek lagi hina. Amin~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Badut sarkas..

16 Ogos kelmarin telah diadakan proses penaman calon untuk Parlimen Permatang Pauh, P44.. Sememangnya penyokong-penyokong PR melebihi bilangan penyokong-penyokong Bee End. Dari sumber yang aku baca, terdapat juga tarian naga dan persembahan daripada kaum India pada hari tersebut. Nah, ini menggambarkan perpaduan antara kaum dalam kalangan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat.

AICers juga berkonvoi ke permatang pauh. Aku yang tak dapat nak ikut ni hanya mampu menunggu update daripada mereka saja. Tengok gambar diorang je aku dah rasa seronok. Hehehe...

Masa berita pada hari berikutnya, keluar berita Najib Mongol kata penyokong PR biadap. Dier asyiklah nak kutuk PR dan penyokong-penyokongnya. Nah, sekarang ni aku tak nak kutuk, aku juz akan tunjukkan beberapa gambar yang menunjukkan teruk tak teruk la penyokong Bee End ni.. Yang perempuan pun sama saja.. Saksikan dan fikir-fikirkanlah...

Nah, ape beza orang-orang dalam gambar ni dengan badut kat sarkas tu? hahaha... Jawab2.. bezanya hanyalah, badut di sarkas tu semua pakai make-up.. Diorang ni xcukup duit atau tak ada hasil nak beli make-up. Oh ya, badut di sarkas dapat duit, dapat gaji. Mereka ni dapat malu saja, itupun kalau mereka tahu malu. Kalo tak, tak dapat apa-apa pun.. xp

~sign out~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Si Musang berkonspirasi..

Ya, tu dia... Si Musang sudah pun bersumpah mengatakan bahawa punggongnya telah digodok oleh Pak Anwar.. Hahaha... Nak melafazkan sumpah pun tergagap-gagap. Sebutan pun tidak betul sehingga Pak Imam kena memperbetulkan sebutannya. Kata Si Musang, sumpahnya itu tidak ada kaitan dengan Pilihanraya Kecil P44 di Permatang Pauh. Sudah la Musang, berapa juta kali lagi kau nak menipu. Tak ada siapa lagi yang nak percaya tipu helah Musang yang dirancang oleh koordinator-koordinator di belakang tabir. Pakar-pakar konspirasi kotor lagi jijik.

Dijangka sumpahnya Si Musang ini akan menakutkan Pak Anwar. Diandaikan bahawa Pak Anwar akan menarik diri dari Pilihanraya? hihihi..(ketawa sinis) Ingat laungan keramat Pak Anwar ini "Lawan tetap Lawan!!!". Kepada mereka yang sudah mula sangsi, dengarkan laungan ini pula, " Kalau takutkan risiko, jangan bicara pasal perjuangan!!". Tak kan gentar Pak Anwar dengan gertakan Musang hingusan ini. Sedikit berita yang diterima dari Permatang Pauh mengatakan bahawa, penyokong Pak Anwar semakin bersemangat untuk memastikan kemenangan menjadi milik Pak Anwar dan rakyat. Nah, biar terbeliak mata Pak Menteri, biar terkencing mereka nanti setelah keputusan pilihanraya P44 keluar. Biar menggigil mereka di dalam Parlimen menghadapi tentangan Pakatan Rakyat.

Dikhabarka bahawa Menteri-Menteri akan turun padan untuk membantu Arif Shah Omar Shah dalam Pilihanraya P44. Najib Monggol dijangka mengepalai rombongan tersebut. Si Mulut berbuih pun turut serta.

Kepada rakan-rakan seperjuangan di Permatang Pauh, terutamanya AICers2, teruskan perjuangan. Reformasi!!!

p/s: aku ada link tunjuk video Si Musang ni bersumpah, tapi sengaja tidak mahu dilampirkan bersama. Bukan kedekut, tapi menyampah tgk muka Si Musang yang bertopengkan manusia. Geram!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Difitnah.. Dirty Politics it is?

Hebat tak hebatlah Si Musang ni bila Si Botak backup dia dlm sidang akhbar. Si Musang tak perlu nak pening kepala menjawab soalan-soalan orang ramai. Semuanya telah dijawabkan oleh Si Botak. Si botak ni pulak dah minat pada Si Musang ke? Adakah kerana Si Musang bermuka jambu? Atau Si Botak gilakan "punggong paling famous" Si Musang ni? Botak oh botak.. Pak Menteri yang Part-time jobnye menjadi Pak Turut..

Semlam Pak Anwar dihadapkan ke Mahkamah atas kesalahan yang tidak dilakukannya. Beliau didakwa mengikut seksyen 377B Kanun Keseksaan yang mana beliau dikatakan melakukan persetubuhan yang bertentangan dengan aturan tabii dalam sukarela. Nah, mari kita kaji pendakwaan ini. Dalam sukarela.. Ape cerita ni? Kalo sudah nama sukarela, maknanya dua-dua pihak patut didakwa. Walaupun Si Musang yang membuat laporan, sepatutunya dia tetap kena dakwa. Si Botak pula cakap Si Musang tak Boleh kena dakwa sebab dia yang membuat laporan dan dia adalah saksi utama. Haih~

Kalau tak silap aku, zaman Nabi dulu, ada seorang sahabat yang datang sendiri mengaku dia pernah berzina. Setelah berkali-kali mengaku, akhirnya dia direjam sampai mati. Nah, dier yang mengadu kesalahan sendiri. Kisah ni sedikit sebanyak ada juga berkaitan atau sangkut pautnya dengan cerita Si Musang ini. Dia membuat laporan pada polis, Pak Anwar melakukan persetubuhan bertentangan dengan aturan tabii bersama Si Musang secara Sukarela. Patutkah Si Musang ini dibiarkan bersenang lenang di rumah, sedangkan Pak Anwar yang tidak bersalah didakwa di mahkamah? Penyalahgunaan kuasa kan?

Tidak mengapa.. Kebenaran pasti akan muncul.. Aku yakin Pak Anwar tidak bersalah.. Si Musang membawa fitnah.. Elok direjam sahaja Si Musang ni.. Tak bermaruah.. Mata Duitan dan gila kuasa.. Haih~ Tapi, aku respect pada tunangnya. Walaupun dia tahu bahawa Si Musang ni pernah melakukan liwat bersama Pak Anwar secara sukarela, dia tetap setia dengan Si Musang. Syabas!! Kau memang Setia.. dan bodoh... hahaha...

Pak Anwar diarahkan untuk kembali ke mahkamah pada 10 September. Masa itu nanti, beliau sudah bergelar ahli parlimen. Ya, by-election di permatang pauh adalah pada 26 Ogos ini. Sebelum itu, penamaan calon adalah pada 16 Ogos. Tempoh berkempen adalah selama 10 hari. Tetapi Bee End masih lagi pening-pening nak menamakan calon mereka di sana. Pening atau takut? wahahaha... Mari sama-sama kita tunggu dan saksikan.. Reformasi!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

What to do?

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Si Musang yang tidak bermaruah...

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Aku da mle practical da ni.. Aku mule awal cket ar drpd member2 aku yang lain... Sebabnye pakcik aku xcukup org nak hantar kat site project. So, dier panggil aku masuk awal. Skang ni aku dok kat Bandar Sunway Semenyih. Perjalanan dai Semenyih ke Cyberjaya mengambil masa lebih kurang 30 - 40 minit. Jaraknya dalam 35 kilometer. So, pg td aku gerak dalam kol 8 daripada umah.. Takut sampai lambat.. Biar awal la kan.. Ni kalo kat GMI ni, xde bileye aku nk gerak awal... wahahaha... Praktikal punye pasal...
So far, ok je practical aku ni.. Buat mase ni, keje2 yg dier bg sume aku leh buat.. Kire xsusah sgt la.. Skang ni supervisor aku ( En. Azmi ) suh aku study asal VLAN.. Dier kate nk implement kat site nanti.. Huhuhu.. So, aku cari la maklumat psl VLAN ni.. Rase nye aku da blaja da pasal VLAN ni kt GMI dlu... Tp ingat2 lupe le.. Haih~ So, kne study all over again..
Skang ni kt office la pe lagi.. so aku nk stop skang..
To Classmate aku yg len, SELAMAT BERPRAKTIKAL YE... xP
~sign out~

Monday, June 23, 2008

RM 2.70

Juz went back from jasin juz now.. Went to fill da petrol after closing da cafe.. sadly, they ran out of petrol.. Damn.. Had to wait for about an hour before reaching da petrol station, due to traffic jam.. well, everyone want to refill their petrol becoz tomorrow da price will increase 70 cents to RM2.60++.. kire RM 2.70 la... It's sickening to think that the oil price is increasing AGAIN..
Don't u think so? No? Well, let me brighten up your mind a lil bit..

OK cmni.. Korg tgk arini harge minyak naik.. Tak mustahil, esok lusa harga bahan mentah pulak naik.. Harge dua bende ni memang berkait rapat.. Bila harga minyak naik, harga bahan mentah naik.. Pastu naik kan gaji pekerja.. Nk tutup pekung di dada ( aku xckp siapa pn ea..) Ni macam pepatah melayu la, tutup bangkai gajah ngan daun pisang.. ( btl ke?) Dulu, boleh la nk buat cmtu.. Nk tutup mulut org ramai.. Nak kabur kan pandangan rakyat.. Skang ni zaman da moden, n org ramai da boleh berpikir ( walaupun ader je sesetangah pakcik2 n makcik2 tak lupa juga golongan muda yg masih lagi berfikiran kolot n tertutup).. Kenaikan gaji tu mcm xde makne je.. Harga minyak naik, harga bahan mentah naik, taraf hidup rakyat xnaik2.. Ape cer?

Aku ni bknnye nk memburukkan mane2 pihak.. Walaupn aku belum bekerja, tp still aku terasa gak beban mak ayah aku nk membayar duit petrol bulan2.. Eventhough keta tu da pasang NGV, tp van buruk tu still gune petrol.. Lori gune diesel.. Motor EX% aku ni pn gune petrol gak beb.. Mane nak cari tong NGV nk pasang kt motor gua ni.. So, secara x langsung ekonomi aku ni akan meleset.. huhuhu... maka, semakin kurus ar aku pasni.. haih~ cmne je nk mkn bnyk kalo duit sume da gune nk bayar petrol..

ok2, xleh ckp bnyk2.. nti kne masuk ISA..
"Open your eyes, da good and bad things are all in front of your eyes.. it's all up to you to choose n choose wisely..."

Daku bkn mengutuk, cuma meluahkn pendapat dan mahukan perubahan..

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Not-so-interesting holiday (so far)...

Started my holiday last 5th May.. Went back to malacca on the 10th..
So far, my holiday is not so interesting.. Haih~ It's nice though to go to my dad's cafe everyday, be a waiter, cashier, cooker etc.. Yup, that's what i do during my holiday.. Went to the cafe in the afternoon, went back home around 5.30 to play football, then went back to the cae after maghrib until 10.30 p.m... huhuhu...
only be able to have my own time during weekend.. Last week, i went to watch movie with my boo.. We watched Indiana Jones.. Quite an interesting story.. Some comedy n surely adventure in da movies.. this weekend, i'm going to ulyanah's house.. her brother is getting married and she invite all of our friends to come.. I'll be going wif my boo and isma.. Da only problme i'm going to face is, where can i get a car.. My dad is going to use da car this weekend.. Haih~ Or should i juz drive the half broken van? hahaha... malu cket la... but that's the only way left.. i think.. haih~ redah je..
I'd already got my place for in-plant training.. Surely, it's my uncle's company.. n i will start the training on the 23rd June.. huhhu... can't wait, but sumtimes feel scared.. xp well, we'll se what's going to happen after da 4 months training in the industry..
guess what, i'd learn cooking from my dad's chef.. well, most of its are da simple2 one.. like, chicken chop, lamb chop, steak, fish n chips, nasi grg kampung and chinese.. mee goreng n etc2.. xp it's kinda fun to watch people enjoy your cooking.. it's actually makes u feel satisfied.. ngee.. xD
i'm going to learn "bekam" tomorrow.. wif ustaz rosli, my chemistry teachers in STP.. hehehe... Another interesting things to learn.. Sape2 nk bekam pasni leh jpe aku ea... xP sekilo 3 hinggit... wahahahaha....
k la, i'm off to bed.. Sleep.. xD
~sign out~

Friday, May 30, 2008

Here comes holiday!!

Final exam is already finished.. huh~ kinda relief.. Faced 7 papers.. Well, as i expected, Network parameter security, wireless network and security and basic network forensic was quite hard.. but i still managed to answer da question.. well, not all of it... left some blanks.. xp
wut do u expect.. tried my best already.. Juz now, well yesterday, we had a briefing on In-Plant Training.. They gave the log books to everyone, after blabbing for quite a long time.. n i took 2 log books.. supposed each person will only get one, but i too another one as a backup.. xp

I'll be back to Malacca on the 10th of May.. Still got 2 assignments to be done.. One on Operating System 2, and the other is a report on a visit for Malaysian Study.. Actually, its' does not take such a long time to do da assignments, juz wanna chill for a while here.. This is our final month here, after all.. next semester we will go for our In-Plant Training n when we get back, it will be in Bangi.. da new campus.. Well, as far as i know, da new campus is kinda "solok".. haih~ Never mind, i'll juz have to be there for only one semester.. N then, i'll grad.. InsyaAllah..

I'm planning to straightly further my study to degree after finished my diploma.. While i still have da mood to study.. Some said that i should work for a while n gather some experience before continue my study.. but i dun think that's a good idea.. I won't be in da mod for study anymore if i'd work.. I supposed.. so, da solution is, straightly continue my study.. hehehe...
if there's any chance, i want to further my study abroad.. hahaha... (ckp la aku poyo) that's if my CGPA is good.. Well, i'll try my best.. This semester, it's hard to predict whether my GPA will be better or not.. well, i'm quite confident that i can get some A's ( Islamic Studies, Operating Sysytem 2, Web Programming And er.. Malaysian Studies).. However, the other subject is quite hard.. Especially Basic Network Forensic.. I really2 felt awfull after dat paper.. Haih~ Quite sad.. It's unexpected.. i think.. Haih~ well, everythng is finished, let by gone be by gone i supposed.. hahahaha...

Think i'll stop now.. Wishing all of u a Hepi Holiday!!( to those who're in holiday now) yg xcuti lg tu, truskn la study anda utk mase dpn. xp
bubye guys!!
~sign out~

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Adapted.. (nothing changed actually)

The story is absurd, so don't bother reading if you don't have the time

While walking down the street one day a Malaysian Boleh Minister is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

"Welcome to heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"Nooo problem, just let me in," says the man.

"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."

"Reeeally, I have made up my mind. I want to be in heaven," says the Yang Berhormat

"I'm sorry, but we have our rules," says St. Peter. And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him. Everyone is very happy and dressed in the finest batik there is. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people. They play a friendly game of golf and then indulge themselves on lobsters, caviar and the most expensive food there is. Also present is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go.

Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises. The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him. "Now it' s time to visit heaven." So, 24 hours pass with the Yang Berhormat joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St.Peter returns.

"Well, then, you've spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity."

The Yang Berhormat reflects for a minute, then he answers: "Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I am better off in hell."

So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage. He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls from above. The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.

"I don't understand," stammers the Yang Berhormat. "Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"

The devil looks at him, smiles and says,
"Yesterday we were campaigning."

"Today you voted."


*credit to my sis.
p/s: adapted from ur blog, jgn marh ek.. =p

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Here it comes!!

I just finished my theory test for Operating System 2.. Already done the practical test
on the same subject this morning. Well, the tests was quite okay. Not so hard
yet not so easy.. Moderate.. I'm having a headache now. Haih~ Don't know why..
Feel very relief that i managed to survive this week. Had test every day, plus with assignment n presentation need to be submitted. Thank God i managed to finished everything. And now
i'm very relief. But not for long. Final exam is next week. or should i say, next 2 days..huhu..

I have 8 papers for my final this semesters.
  • Web Programming
  • Islamic Studies
  • Operating System 2
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Basic Computer Forensic
  • Network Perimeter Security
Wondering why are some of it marked with red? hehehe... those are the subject that i considered as hard.. hehehe... Hopefully i can cover all of it before final.. huhuhu..
Guys, pray 4 my success will ya... =) wish me luck..
thanx y'all..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Life now..

I'm totally emotionally down now.. huhuhu.. am missing my girl so much... =( well, i heven't talk bout her in my blog yet.. so, in dis post i'll rite a lil bit bout my sweet girl.. =)

we met in da bus on our way back to malacca.. She sit next to me in da bus.. As usual, i stick da earphone into my ears n trying to sleep while ignoring all da peoples around me... it's not dat i'm kinda ego or proud person, it's juz me.. dun wanna get into others matter.. or sort of.. well, it was on the 15th february.. she's kinda cute.. u noe... that's my first tought when i saw her.. n she's surely cute... xp so, we sat next to each other.. while i'm trying to sleep, suddenly she asked me how long is da journey going to take?.. n i told her, normally it's 2 hours.. if there's no traffic jam.. then, we continue doing our work.. well not for long..xp she's kinda friendlygirl n love to ask questions.. so, we talked all the way to malacca.. well, i kinda fall asleep quite a few time... xp then, she asked for my email n i gave her.. she added me in her friendster.. then, we started to drop comment for each others.. n YM-ed..

i got her phone number n we started calling n sms-ing each other everyday... until one day when she had a BIG problem.. n needed help.. n sure i helped her n we become much closer.. then on 20th march 08 we declared as couple.. hehehe... n until today we still stay as couple.. n i love her so much... hehehe... n her name is Nursyazwani Bt Zulkifli.. Yup, dat's my girl.. A TESL's student from UNISEL, former student of MGS and Technic Jasin. Live in Taman Merdeka, Batu Berendam, da only daughter in her family, she's da eldest n has 4 siblings including her.. She'd help me so many times.. Understanding and charming girl she is.. xD on top of that i love her sooo much! xD

well, aite now i'm missing her soooo much.. we haven't met for a long time.. huhuhu... =(

My studies:

well, dis week was really2 hectic week... Almost everyday i got test, both practical n theory + tonnes of assignment need to be submitted.. Haih~ Also, almost everyday we had class from morning untill night.. Haih~ i'm dead tired guys.. next week would be da same... n da week after dat is our final exam's week.. Yup2.. no study week.. n on da saturday, we even have a class until 7 p.m. our first paper start on da next monday 28th april.. there'll be 2 papers on monday... arghhh! i'm starting to loose my mind aite now.. haih~ plus da lecturers dat i mention before.. da one who don't know what the hell is she teaching in front of da class... she's da worst nightmare.. she's trying to act like she knows what she teach.. She
even copied da presentation from da internet.. she claimed dat it was her who did it.. BULLSHIT.. huhuhu...

well, guys, wish me luck for my final exams.. i'm surely need it.. seriously.. huhuhu... am going out for dinner now.. and watch da epl match between Man U vs Blackburn.. Glory2 Man U.. xD


~My Sweet girl~

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happening and Bored...

Last 2 weeks ( if i'm not mistaken) i went to times square wif a bunch of new frens.. It's da first time we met.. They're actually frens from friendster.. hehehe... If u noticed a group named xTremely j0vial in my grouplist.. yup2.. i met wif them at time square.. juz a little gathering we had back then.. getting to know each other.. we played bowling.. and it's really fun.. hehehehe...
hoping to meet them again in da future... hehehe...
My class' time table 4 dis week are quite pack... Haih~ got class untill 10.30 p.m. almost everyday... Dis week we started a new subject which is Network Forensic.. Sounds interesting eh? up, at 1st, i cab't wait to learn dis subject.. However, now i feel quite frustrated... da class was very2 unhappening.. wahahaha... da lecture can be catogerised as sucks.. wahahaha... please 4give me dear god!! but it's true.. haih~ To make my life worst, we had another same catogery lecturer in wireless networking... Haih.. she juz copy the slides from the internet and claimed that it was her who did it.. Da funny part is dat, we also found da slides through da internet.. She's bluffing... Haih~ She also ask us to do something dat she don't even know how to do.. Then, when we had done it, she said dat we did it wrongly... Haih~ sometimes, i lost my faith in GMi.. Da lecturers, especially.. But not all are da same.. Juz da new lecturers... huhuhu... Can't wait to end dis semester.. And i dare to say dat if my pointer drops, it's bcoz of dis kind of lecturers.. It''s not dat i'm trying to run from my mistakes.. It's da truth for God sake.. I dun even know what are we learning in da class.. Haih~
My classmates are now busy bout their practical places.. (btol ke ayt aku ni??) And my uncle hasn't said anything yet.. am waiting for his respond.. huhuhuhu...
wish me luck everyone.. in my studies and lifes... thanx...
~sign out~
*p/s: i'd updated my mobile's blog.. leave some comments ya!! xD

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pro or Anti?

Pilihanraya da dkt da ni.. Seminggu je lagi la lbh kurgnye.. Aku yg masih blm cukup umor ni xleh la nk mengundi.. Sbnrnye aku xdela mint sgt dlm bidang politik ni... Cam aku ckp dlm Fs aku.. Sistem politik negara kiter ni x ubah cam sistem perparitan.. Wakakaka,... Jgn saman saye!! Tp sistem perparitan semakin baik kn? Camtu jgk la sistem politik negara kiter ni.. Kot...
Aku tertarik ngan satu video yg kwn aku bukak kat YouTube.. ideo yg aku tgk tu, adalah video Tun Dr.M.. Kagum gak la aku biler dgr dier berucap.. Dlm lucu ader mesej... Dier dok ckp psl maser dier jd PM dlu.. Hahaha.. Psl kes Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.. Dier gtau yg biler jd PM ni, agak mustahil la org nk jatuhkn.. Yela, org no 1 dlm negara slps YDP Agung..So, kalo wat ape2 pn xpe.. Leh je tutup mate rakyat ngan kuasa yg dier ader...
Tun ader gak dok ckp psl isu Kerajaan Keluarga.. Hahaha.. Mksdnye, time Pak Lah skang ni, kerajaan ni cam milik family dier jer... Tgk la menantu dier tu, asal org nk dpt kn tender under government je, kne jpe dier.. Ape jwtn dier? Xde jwtn ape pn.. Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO jer.. Take note dat, Umno is a party, not da government.. Org Melayu kebanyakannye salah anggap yg UMNO adalah kerajaan.. Knpe? Sbb da tlalu lamer UMNO Menang pilihanraya dan mentadbir kerajaan.. Lame sgt da ni.. Knpe ek? Mgkn sbb majoriti Rakyat Malaysia ni sokong diorg.. Mngkn jgk ader "Sbb Len".. xp Kdg2 rase cam xlogik gak asik BN je yg meng.. Tgk kt US tu, plg lame seseorg tu leh jd presiden adlh selama 10 thn jer.. Kt malaysia plak? Dr.M je da 23 thn.. Pak Lah plak bape lme nti? Kemungkinan corruption akn berlaku adlh tinggi bile satu kuasa memerintah dlm jangka masa yg lama.. Knpe? Sbb lg lame diorg memimpin, lg rmi org yg diorg dpt control.. Cam skang ni, menggunakan kuasa utk menutup suara rakyat, menggunakan polis utk menutup keburukan... Aku ni bknnye anti kerajaan.. Juz, aku tnmpk ape yg sesetgh org xnmpk.. Aku xckp diorg bute.. Cume kurg peka..
Aku terbaca satu artikel mengenai janji Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.. (i'm a big fan of him) Sbnrnye, aku lg suke tk Dr. M ngan Anwar berucap drpd dgr Pak Lah berceloteh kt TV.. Nmpk jelas perbezaan diorg.. Hahaha... Skali lg aku nk tekankn bhw aku bkn anti kerajaan atau Pak Lah.. Anwa menjanjikan penurunan harga minyak serta merta kalo BA menang.. PAk LAh plak? Ader kemungkinan harga minyak akn nek lg? Kog sndri pn blh je pk bende ni akn blaku kn? So? Pki la NGV.. Haaha... Itu bg yg mampu, korg bygkn bg yg xmmpu nk byr antara RM3000-RM6000 utk setup NGV tu. Nk xnk diorg kne gne je minyak pastu tanggung la harga minyak yg makin naik... Kesian kat diorg dan aku gak sbbnye mtr aku xleh nk msuk NGV... wakakaka...
Setuju x kirg klu aku ckp kerajaan Malaysia ni xadil.. Skali lagi, aku bkn anti kerajaan. aku perasan je fenomena ni.. Tgk time pilihanraya je dah ler.. Korg g dok dpn tv korg.. Dok la baper jam pon, korg xkn nmpk iklan psl BA nk pancing undi. Asik2 Bn je kn? adil x? dari segi logiknya, diorg memang blh meng election sbb, diorg control Media Elektronik sepenuhnya.. BA plak juz blh wat kempen gne flyers2 n certain2 akhbar yg hanya blh dibeli oleh ahlinya shj.. Org bkn ahlinye pn leh je beli, tp biler org len nmpk.. hohohoho... pndi2 la nk idup pastu... Asal calon BN wat amal jer, diorg kuar kn kat tv.. So, rakyat2 yg mane buta secara xlangsung ni akn ckp yg calon BN jer yg ader wat kebjikan, calon BA xde.. Bknnye xde pn kn, juz xdipaparkn kat Tv jer.. So, adil ke tu? fikir2 kn la...
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Friday, February 29, 2008


Korg perasan x perubahan yg berlaku kt kwn2 korg setelah diorg mule "couple"?
hahaha... ni aku nk citer cket ape yg aku prasan la kt kenkawan aku... hohoho... So kepada sesiapa yg terasa tu.. hehehe... wat2 xtau sudah la yer... xP

1. kwn aku ni da mule sistematik.. Maksud aku dr segi pemakaian dan penampilan diri.. Hohohoho... Siap shopping beli baju ngan suar br tu.. Dasat2..

2. Da pandai da g tgk wayang... Dulu bkn men xsuke lg g tmpt yg rmi org.. Skang cam da "terlabik" plak.. kalo tgk wyg tu siap up to date lagi.. Asal ader je citer br kuar dier g tgk dlu.. asal dier g tgk je msti citer br.. Sampaikan dier ni jd rujukan kat aku n kenkwn aku yg lain.. Nk tau citer br tu best ke x, leh je tnye dier.. hohoho... Memang dasat..

3. Ni kwn aku yg len plak ni... dulu motor dier ni ader je yg xkne.. lampu xde la... lining brek lg nipis dr ktas la.. hohoho... TAPI, biler da ader awek ni, motor dier la yg paling lengkap.. Lampu sume ok.. Brek dier plak, agak2 nk men drift tekan la kuat cket.. hohoho... Lining bapak tebal... cam ari2 tukar... xP Gile dasat..

4. Org yg same.. Dulu nk bwk motor takut, sbb lesen L... Skang ni, xyah citer.. L ke M ke N ke, dier redah je bwak awek dier... hohoho... Bapak Dasat...

Kesimpulannya, pasangan korg leh je mngubah korg ni.. Tp biar la drpd yg xbek kpd yg bek.. Da tu, jgn la brubah kejap2 jer (yg baik tu la..).. Kalo dier mengubah korg kpd yg xbek tu, mtk2 la korg nmpk pastu xikut prubahan tu.. Aku bkn ape, xnk tgk kwn2 aku ni terpesong jauh... wakakaka... Aku ni pn bknnye bgs sgt, tp sbb da xtau nk post ape da kt blog ni.. So, kne la wat2 bgs.. so, sila beri komen yg membina "sahaja" .. Yg xmembina ni, tdk akan dilayan ye... xP

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some words to remember...

Hurm.. Do u noe what'll happened to u in da future? Will ur future will be as bright as the sun or as dark as night without moon? Can u assure that ur future will be bright? No one can,aite? What if, u get a golden opportunity to add some lights in ur future? Would u let it go or would u grab it? Dun be a fool to let it go.. Grab it and hold it tight.. Never let it go.. Bcoz, when u let it go, there'll be others who will grab it, and the chances for u to grab it back is almost 0.. When u r in hold of it, take good care of it and find a way to make it bring more and more light in ur future..
As for those who don't have such opportunity, it doesn't mean that ur future would never be bright.. Strive for a bright future.. Never wait for such opportunity to come.. Better work for it, then u'll appreciate it more.. Never give up ur life... Everyday is a new day.. Yesterday was a lesson to remember, today is a new experience to be learned, and tomorrow should be better and better..
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day after day...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

I'm in Malacca now. Went back last Friday... needed to help my dad at da new shop... Owh, yeah! My dad is going to apen a Cafe in Jasin.. Da theme of da cafe is sum sort like antics n Kopitiam look-a-like... InsyaAllah, da cafe will be opened this monday, or at least next week.. I have to mop da whole cafe tomorrow.. Well, it's not dat hard.. Although i'll be doing it all by my self.. Ngehngehngeh... Well, there'll be western, chinese, and local foods at da cafe.. And MAYBE i'll set up a Wireless Area Network at da cafe in the future.. xP So, those who are nin or near Jasin, make sure u'll come to da cafe!! Not now, after it's opened of course.. xD

owh, i'd joined Mobile Money. Dunno wat it is? It's kinda bussiness dat sell so many things. But, i only concentrate in mobile reload. So, anyone who wanna top up or wanna become an agent, U can contact me anytime, 24/7.. xD Promote ni!! xP and yeah, for da top-up, it's cash n carry yerp... Xde utang2.. nk utang jual top-up sndri.. Ngeh..ngeh..ngeh...

Dis is another promotion:
To my friends in friendster.. Come and join xTremely j0vial group.. It's an interesting group.. Only if u r active.. xP We're going to have da first gathering for da group dis 17 Feb.. It'll be held in Sunway Pyramid.. So, let's join us there!!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Poyo je aku ney~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
Hype!! Hope da readers are in good health no matter where u r... Hahaha.. Poyo je.. Dun really have anythingto write.. Juz filling my time 2nite.. Can't sleep.. xP Maybe b'coz it's still early.. It's only 12.35 a.m. now.. LoL~ Am giong to register for da new semester dis 13th of January.. Can't wait.. xP Think i'd wrote bout it before.. Hahaha.. Wut can i say, i have nothing to write actually...
Last 2 days, i finally able to contact an old friend of mine.. Quite shock actually.. We'd lost contact for years.. N suddenly "met" through friendster.. Hehehe... She's studying in UIA Gombak now... Da last time we met was at Pasar Malam in Jasin.. She came with her siblings n her mom.. Hohoho... After dat, we lost our contact..Dun know how did it happened.. But it's all doesn't matter anymore.. Now we're able to contact each other again.. Think i'll meet her when i'm back in KL.. xD
Well, da only thing dat makes me worry nowadays is my result for last sem exam.. Haih~ My mom asked me to call GMI to find out bout it.. Huhuhu... I dun think i'll call them, i'll wait until da registraion day.. Kinda scary though. Huhuhu.. Hope i can achieve my target... xD God bless me please...
Am going to Shah Alam 2morow.. My cousin is getting marry.. Haih~ Dun wanna go actually, kinda lazy to drive to Shah Alam... Huhuhuhu....
almost 3 months now.. n i can still live happily.. Maybe it's not such a big matter.. Alone is better rite now.. I think... At least some of my frens agree wif me.. Thanx guyz.. Ah, yeah, there's a friend of mine who asked me to find for a new one.. Huhuhu... She told me dat i can juz actually have a couple during study.. She said it should not be a problem to me.. Hehehe... Not all da time actually.. Sumtimes, it can act like a steroid, as an encouragement for u to study harder.. Not to forget dat sumtimes it can be a coz for your failure in study.. Esp. when Both of u aren't having a good time 2gether.. u noe wut i mean, aite? All in all, i can conclude dat, relationship during study has positive n negative effect, which all of u know already, it's all depends on dat person's way of handing da relationship.. If u think u can handle it, then carry on.. If not, dun even think bout trying it.. hahha.. (Aku memang poyo!! xP)
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Saturday, January 05, 2008