Bad Luck was it?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Hye everyone! Haven't post any new thing for a long time ea.. Hurm. What am i going to talk about ea?? Last 2 weeks my handphone was stolen... Again.. damn... So mad yet so calm... hahaha... Kind of used to it... Weird ea? THis time I'd suspected my roommate.. So, i discussed with the others to decide what to do.. So,last thursday we went to talk with him and ask him to confess... However, he didn't.. I got so mad and I told him that we're going to make a police report and include him as the suspect so that the police will take him in.. He said that he don't agree with ith because he's not clean at that time. Maybe he'd taken some drugs or sumthing else... I told him clean or not,thst's his problem not mine.. Haih... But i haven't made the report yet.. Maybe today..

Hey, i went for a hair cut last Wednesday.. Hehehe... New hair style everyone.. :p Dun have any picture of it to show 2 u guys... I kinda like this new style.. hohoho.. but my mom don't..

Hurm.. dunno what 2 say anymore.. lalalala... Aha..

manchester lost to Ac Milan in theSemi final of the Champions League... Huhuhu... So dissapointed... Their performance was quite bad... Not be abled to score any goal on the second game... Well, look into the bright side, they can concentrate more to win the EPL.. hehehe... They beat Everton to get 3 full mark and Chelsea had a draw with Bolton... Manchster lead the league with 5 points... Yeah!

Hurm,thin ill stop now...

Saturday, May 05, 2007