SE W850i

Here i'll give a review bout this phone...

The Reception

This phone, is amazing. Screw the 850, it does great without it, when in a basement, no dropped calls, no noise/disruption, everything is knock on wood. So in the evolution of non-850 Sony Ericsson's, this is a great choice. This phone's reception impressed me a lot. I did a couple tests, outdoors, indoors, and in the basment (best place for you 40 year olds ) The first test I did while walking, great quality, no disruption, no dropped calls, everything was steady and great, even full bars. The next test was indoors, this test was again a great test, very good reception with no problems what so ever. The last test was in the basement, I still got very good reception, almost full bars, and still no problems with dropped calls or distortion, so A+ on the reception part of the W850i.
What I was amazed about, is when compared to the W810i (850 + EDGE), it was on-par with the W850, almost exact reception, and I thought the W850 got even better quality.

Sound Quality

Incoming - The W850 has great incoming sound, pretty much in-par with other phones, but the W850 seems to be louder than my W810 and K800, which is a good thing for those who are complaining about low sound with they're handsets.

Outgoing - The outgoing sound is good aswell, as this time the mic isn't in front of your mouth, but a bit further. When testings calls, I have found that it's very clear, people can hear me well, and no static/noise/disruption in the calls. I remember recieiving a call from a friend via W600i and for some reason it sounded terrible, like I seriously mean terrible. W600's are known for having great sound, guess that one was a bad apple.


The W850i packs a nice 2MP camera; but what's that hybrid? No AF (Auto Focus) or Macro? So If you want a great camera, W850 will do the job decently, but not as well as K750, W800, W810, etc. Basically when using the camera, you have all the basic settings (Video Camera, Shoot Mode, Picture Size, Night Mode, Light, Self-Timer, Effects, White Balance, Picture Quality, Shutter Sound, Time and Date, Reset File Number, Save to) But in the W850, you have an option to select the picture size by keypad (by pressing 1 you choose either VGA, 1MP, or 2MP)
like other SE handsets, night mode is toggled by pressing 7, and the light is toggled by pressing *


This phone is very sexy, yes sexy, you heard me. When you first see this phone, it's amazing, you'll never know it's a slider, and the colour of it is nice too. I like the way they made the chrome back plate when you slide, and the back plate and front, very appealing and sleek looking.


The screen on the W850 is nice, lots of colours, sharp, and visible in sunlight, but not as bright as a W810 or a K800.


The keypad is very nice on the W850, though has a nice soft plastic feel to it. When dark, it glows snow white, and on the actual front, when in Walkman mode, all the buttons on the front are lit up orange, when out of Walkman mode, it's snow white. Very nice
What I like the most about the keypad is that is is nice and big, has space inbetween the buttons, so you don't feel that your fingers are being squished like some SE handsets. This keypad is sort of based on the W810/W300 keypad, but nicer, I find it comfortable when text messaging or dialing numbers

The front keypad is very nice. It is different, no joystick, or d-pad, but sort of a nice touch keypad. I like how you don't have to squeeze so hard to break the phone, and that's it's not too sensitive; I also like how it's been made sort of the K800, with the back, C, web, and shortcut buttons. Most of all I find great is the Walkman button, instead of the usual orange W symbol, the W850 has a orange line that lights up, when pressed it activates Walkman mode and then the whole front keypad lights orange, very nice.

Build Quality

The W850 has a nice build, knock on wood. Not one of those sliders that you barely touch and it's already open, but a great solid slider.

Walkman / Radio

Another Walkman phone. Well it does the basic things of playing songs; but taken to another level. This Walkman UI I like, it makes me want to use the phone to listen to songs rather than using an MP3 player. Let me tell you, the new Walkman UI is very nice. Featuring a new way to browse your media, being able to have album art in your songs are pretty cool, a definite + like other Walkman phones, the W850 supports MP3 and AAC file formats.The sound on this phone is great, the speaker is amazing! Crisp, clear, and LOUD sound.
The W850 comes with HPM-70's, probably the best earbud's I've ever used, and a 3.5mm adaptor incase you don't want the awesome earbuds, (i.e. using headphones). Great phone, very well built. What I don't like about the phone is the camera and the screen. If the camera had macro and auto-focus, I would sell my K800 to get this, but it doesn't hopefully they might remake the phone with those features in the future (hopefully atleast another good slider) The screen was okay...

Em, think that's all...

Owh, da price for this hp is around RM1000-RM1350..

Quite worth it..


Sunday, June 24, 2007

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