Lalala... kerja...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

The title of dis post is almost da same as da title of Meet Uncle Hussein's song aite? hehehehe... Surely it's related to what am i going to write in dis post.. It's bout my work.. haih~ Dunno how to describe it.. Sumtimes it's quite boring, well, most of da time memg boring.. Kekdg tu smpi ngntk2 wat keje.. Imagine dis, i'm an IT person, working in sort of electrical n electronic company... Da mcm suh itik pegi membajak kat sawah... hahaha... da difference is, i'm not an itik.. N i'm working in an office, not sawah.. Haih~

I think i'm going to stop working at the end of dis month.. Dpt gaji je stop la... hehehehe... Then, want to enjoy wif my friends before da new semester begin.. Kind of miss my frens... A lot.. They asked me to go out wif them tomorrow... However, i can't.. Have a futsal tournament tomorrow.. hohoho... Besh2... Tp men ngan bdk2 skola... My lil bro's frens.. hehehe... Xpela, redah kn ajer..

Yeah, bout da project in Johor.. Sadly, da project had finished last week.. N da only workers dat'll go to Johor is da maintenance guys.. That's bcoz da project is still in warranty.. huhuhu... Kne la standby... So, most probably i wont go there... Haih~

~sign out~

Saturday, December 22, 2007

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acu said...

Salam koe. huhuhuhu, kesian kau ek. Anyway, at least keboringan kau tu kurang la sikit kan. Bila naik sem? Gud luck with the futsal. Kim salam kat adik kau tu. Adios!