Here comes holiday!!

Final exam is already finished.. huh~ kinda relief.. Faced 7 papers.. Well, as i expected, Network parameter security, wireless network and security and basic network forensic was quite hard.. but i still managed to answer da question.. well, not all of it... left some blanks.. xp
wut do u expect.. tried my best already.. Juz now, well yesterday, we had a briefing on In-Plant Training.. They gave the log books to everyone, after blabbing for quite a long time.. n i took 2 log books.. supposed each person will only get one, but i too another one as a backup.. xp

I'll be back to Malacca on the 10th of May.. Still got 2 assignments to be done.. One on Operating System 2, and the other is a report on a visit for Malaysian Study.. Actually, its' does not take such a long time to do da assignments, juz wanna chill for a while here.. This is our final month here, after all.. next semester we will go for our In-Plant Training n when we get back, it will be in Bangi.. da new campus.. Well, as far as i know, da new campus is kinda "solok".. haih~ Never mind, i'll juz have to be there for only one semester.. N then, i'll grad.. InsyaAllah..

I'm planning to straightly further my study to degree after finished my diploma.. While i still have da mood to study.. Some said that i should work for a while n gather some experience before continue my study.. but i dun think that's a good idea.. I won't be in da mod for study anymore if i'd work.. I supposed.. so, da solution is, straightly continue my study.. hehehe...
if there's any chance, i want to further my study abroad.. hahaha... (ckp la aku poyo) that's if my CGPA is good.. Well, i'll try my best.. This semester, it's hard to predict whether my GPA will be better or not.. well, i'm quite confident that i can get some A's ( Islamic Studies, Operating Sysytem 2, Web Programming And er.. Malaysian Studies).. However, the other subject is quite hard.. Especially Basic Network Forensic.. I really2 felt awfull after dat paper.. Haih~ Quite sad.. It's unexpected.. i think.. Haih~ well, everythng is finished, let by gone be by gone i supposed.. hahahaha...

Think i'll stop now.. Wishing all of u a Hepi Holiday!!( to those who're in holiday now) yg xcuti lg tu, truskn la study anda utk mase dpn. xp
bubye guys!!
~sign out~

Tuesday, May 06, 2008