The Last Few Days Left

Only a few days of my practical left.. 8 days remaining.. Minus weekend, less than a week left. I'm trying to enjoy da last few days here. It's getting better and better everyday. Supposed to go to UiTM Shah Alam yesterday, but it's cancelled in the last minute. Supposed to help da guys to setup the lab for 3P project there. But it was done already. They'd done it during the site visit the day before. So, now i've got nothing to do. it's such a pain when u have nothing to do during practical, u couldn't write it in the log book that u'd done nothing today. Haih~

Speaking of the log book, i'd missed writing it for about a month and now i'd to brainstorming to remember what i'd done for da past one month. Haih~ It really is a pain in the ass.. hahaha... Some of my friends told me dat i'd to register back to our campus on the 18th of October. Damn~ Our practical finished at 17th. WTF? No rest? At least give us some time during the weekend. Haih~

Oh yeah, i'll be staying in da hostel with BangZai, Amer, Peci and Paan. Am hoping that 2 of these guys won't change their mind. It's should be much easier if we're staying in the hostel. Easy to gather around if we need to do any discussions or group works. Considering that our final year project is coming nearer, staying in the hostel is da best choice.

A few things are bothering my mind right now. I'm going to finish my diploma June next year. And then what? Continue wif degrees or work for a while. Maybe i'll straightly continue for my degree. But.. Where ? Haih~ Bang Zai told me about the SPC Skim Pelajar Cemerlang) by MARA. It'll help u to pursue ur study abroad. That does sound good. But, only those with outstanding CGPA can jon it. Which mean that i have to struggle a lil bit more to gain at least 3.5, hopefully higher than that for da remaining 2 semesters. It's only 3.0 now.. Huhuhu... Will asked my supervisors to give me full mark for my remaining 3 monthly evaluations. Hehe.. Peeped into da Education UK's website recently. Trying to look for some Universities that offer course that's related to my current course. Found some and i had my target now. Will work for it, InsyaAllah. Wish me Luck guys!!

p/s: to my sis, any opinion?

~sign out~

Thursday, October 09, 2008