From god we came, to god we return...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t......

I think all of u can guess what am I gonna talk about from the title,aite? Dis morning, i got an sms from my frenz.. One of my classmate in S.M.K (A) Sultan Muhammad had passed away this morning... Felt very sad.. He was a good guy during his life... Alwez try to help others... Alwez try to do something by himself without asking favours from others... If all of u noticed, once i had put his blog's shortcut in my blog.. Da name is Paradise Slammers.. Gosh, my friend juz told me last night that he was in ICU in HUPM.. This morning, when i woke up, my frenz told me that he had passed away...

In Da same class wif Alif Munji~

During school, i was in the same class with him in form 4.. I got to know him better during that short period(i transfered to another school half year later).. During that short period, henever make me angry or mad at him.. He's alwez smile as if he doesn't have any problems or sickness.. After i had transfered to my new school, which is in July, i still keep in touch with him through the Messenger... Alwez asked him about his condition..

His toughness and high spirit of surviving~

Alif is older than me, 1 year older... However, he couldn't sit for his PMR on 2002, so, he sit for the examination with my batch... It's all because of his health problem.. Alhamdulillah, he managed to sit for it on 2003...Then, together we continue our study in form 4.. Sometimes, he was absent.. But, everyone understand why... I can assure u that everyone felt pity for him... All of my classmates always try to help him, although he didn't ask for it.. After, i transfered to da new school, he still continue his study... Then in form 5, his health problems become more serious... He couldn't sit for the spm with us... And again, he had to stop studying for a while to receive treatment and rest at home... He only sit for the SPM last year, alhamdulillah... I Still contact him after that.. Only after the examination result came out, he didn't online for quite a time... and today, i received this sad news...

His death will remind us that, everyone can die at anytime and any age... He was a very good friend, an excellent student and a muslim with iman in his heart.. Let's us all recite Al-Fatihah for him.. Let's us all hope that his soul will be in calm and far2 away from badness... Let's us all pray that he will remain with Muslimin and Muslimah... Let's us all pray that he will be placed in da paradise in peace..

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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