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Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

It's raining out there... I'm in malacca now.. Went back here last wednesday.. Thanx to my friend, azam, i can safe my money.. He drived me n peci back all the way from KL.. Left us at Melaka Sentral... My dad pick me up there... Streamyx at my house here sucks!!! The ADSL always blinking which mean the line is not stable.. Always blinking... Very sickening.. Am going to meet my teachers at Giat Mara tomorrow... Had been a long time since my last visit...

Chat wif faiz yesterday.. he seems to be ok there. well of coz, all of u can know more bout him through his blog... Haven't heard any news from Raf for such a long time.. Yus told me that she juz moved into a new house... Still have no internet access yet..

Been wondering how to finish our English project.. The proposal's already done.. Now, my groups have to figure how to construct or build the project.. weirdo... The propsal is ready, but not the project... Hahahaha... which means there are things that's not right in the proposal... well, we need to make everything that we wrote in the proposal become real. Hahaha... Our lecturer didn't realise it.. LoL~

Am worry bout the Network Admin's class.. Da new To always cancel the class.. She's so depending on Sir Azman.. She kept saying " I stil can't contact him. I can't send him an email, coz i haven't pay my streamyx's bill." and " He haven't reply my email yet".. hello!!!! He had replied my fren email 3 times already... Haih~ Excuses... However Sir Azman said he will make a one day class after he return from Australia.. Poor him... had resigned, but still have to come and teach.. But, it's a really2 good news for all of us.. We almost lost our faith in GMi or should i say this course.. huhuhu... Some of us feel like that.. It's not juz me,k..

Our final wil be on 3 of december... Not too near yet not so far... hohoho... Aiming for a higher pointer of course.. Am trying to get more than 3.... InsyaAllah... Amin... At least higher than last sem.. :p Hurm.. Should say at least 3... :D


Friday, November 09, 2007