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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.....

I'm studying for my Network Programing's test after dis.. Haih~ Juz got da hint for what will be questioned in da test.. Da test wil start at 3 p.m.. Basically, all da things that'll be questioned in da test had been covered during other classes.Kind of forgot some of it.. Huhuhu... Now, have to re-study to recall all da things dat we'd learned..

haven't study for math yet.. Da test will be on this thursday. Haih~ Next week we have practical test for Database Management System. Expecting dat da practical test won't be so hard, since we had all memorised da command. Juz waiting for da day of da test..

I'm not coming back home until final exam. thought of going back home this weekend,but suddenly i remember dat i have a Bowling Tournament this coming Saturday.. Haih~ Am anxious though.. hehehehe... Will face da final exam in another 2 weeks time. hohoho... Spooky~ LoL~ Da subject that bother me da most is Math. Juz Math.. Hohoho.. This is suppose to be our last semester learning math. Am hoping for a good result. InsyaAllah...

Am hoping all of u guys 2 pray for me during my final exam.. Though it's stil early, but please.. :)
Pray for my success, our success.. :) My thanks to those who prayed for me.. Keep on praying.. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007