Fast update~

Got my hands full wif reports..
3 reports...
Not even 1 are done yet..
1 to be submited tomorrow.. tomorrow? damn~
Cleaned my rooms just now..
Bought a pair of hamsters...
Started my report on in-plant training... though dunno wut to write
Thought of subscribing for the celcom broadband...
Sedang dalam kemalasan...
bestnye tido~
~sign out~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grouping and FYP..

Well, da class had started.. My first class was Intrusion Detection and Prevention. Da lecturer is Ms Mazuin. Already got an assignment during da first class. Alhamdulillah, it's done and me n Zaini had presented it just now. During da 1st day also we were asked to decide our group for the Final Year Project. Me and Zaini had already decided who's going to be in our team. At first, there was no problem. Not until a couple of girls in my class didn't have any group. That's right, no one had chosen them to be their group member.

A few simple reasons why is there no one wanted these girls. They're lazy and stubborn. Plus, they're over arrogant. Seriously, i don't like them at all. And i got some info that they don't like me too. WTF? Back to da story.. So, because of these two "beach", all da class members need to discuss about da grouping after class. We had a discussion at the hostel's cafe. While we, who already had our own group, discussing on where to put these to "beach", both of them went to eat and react like da discussion had nothing to do with them. Gosh, i'm totally freaked out during dat time. Look how irresponsible they're. Plus, some of my friends went to ask them whether they're ok with da group WE'd DECIDED for them. WTF? Who did they think they're?

After finished da discussion, i'd thought this thing was settled once and for all. However, dat noght, one of my group member,kak rda, text zaini and ask for his opinion about taking one of the girls into our group. We disagree and i told kak eda to quit worryingbout them when they didn't worry about themselves.

So, finish with da grouping problems, and they'd join a group.. Finally.. i don't think the group will be happy to have those two jerks wif em.

Juz now, we'd a briefing wif our ne head of sections on the FYP. We're assigned to our own supervisor. Each group got one supervisor. Mine is Mr Hafiz Razali. hehehe... Oh.. and i'd been elected as the group leader.. Not so good for me.. I'll b da one who'll be facing da lecturers and "prepare my ears". if only we'd a problem with da lecturers.

I have 3 reports waiting for me. One on the in-plant training, one on the individual project proposal, and the last one will only be reality if one of my group members proposal is approved. for the FYP, we want to create a student portal for GMI. If u guys went to the GMI's website, the site is really unsistematic, not up-to-date at all and lack of so many things. So, we want to create a portal that canbe easily update anytime and can cover almost everything related to our Institute. A lot of programming need to be done, of coz. Wish me luck guys.. HuHuHu....

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to campus.

It seems like just ysterday i'd started my practical, and today i'm back to campus again.
Thank god amer got the celcom broadband already. Dunno what will happened if he didn't. Yesterday, it was raining cat and dog here, same like today.

Oh, i'd already registered just now. Paid da fees and collect my result.
And now i'm in my room at the hoste. Da room is ok, not so bad. We just need to do some cleanup a lil bit but still, dunno when to start. Have to buy the broom and mop first. Already cleanup my table and locker. Kinda dusty. Da floor is worst.. So, within these few days, we're gonna do some cleanup.

I hope so..
~sign out~

Monday, October 20, 2008

Apa itu Melayu..

Sekadar ingin berkongsi dengan rakan-rakan. Fakta ini diambli daripada blog seorang rakan Najwan .

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Last Few Days Left

Only a few days of my practical left.. 8 days remaining.. Minus weekend, less than a week left. I'm trying to enjoy da last few days here. It's getting better and better everyday. Supposed to go to UiTM Shah Alam yesterday, but it's cancelled in the last minute. Supposed to help da guys to setup the lab for 3P project there. But it was done already. They'd done it during the site visit the day before. So, now i've got nothing to do. it's such a pain when u have nothing to do during practical, u couldn't write it in the log book that u'd done nothing today. Haih~

Speaking of the log book, i'd missed writing it for about a month and now i'd to brainstorming to remember what i'd done for da past one month. Haih~ It really is a pain in the ass.. hahaha... Some of my friends told me dat i'd to register back to our campus on the 18th of October. Damn~ Our practical finished at 17th. WTF? No rest? At least give us some time during the weekend. Haih~

Oh yeah, i'll be staying in da hostel with BangZai, Amer, Peci and Paan. Am hoping that 2 of these guys won't change their mind. It's should be much easier if we're staying in the hostel. Easy to gather around if we need to do any discussions or group works. Considering that our final year project is coming nearer, staying in the hostel is da best choice.

A few things are bothering my mind right now. I'm going to finish my diploma June next year. And then what? Continue wif degrees or work for a while. Maybe i'll straightly continue for my degree. But.. Where ? Haih~ Bang Zai told me about the SPC Skim Pelajar Cemerlang) by MARA. It'll help u to pursue ur study abroad. That does sound good. But, only those with outstanding CGPA can jon it. Which mean that i have to struggle a lil bit more to gain at least 3.5, hopefully higher than that for da remaining 2 semesters. It's only 3.0 now.. Huhuhu... Will asked my supervisors to give me full mark for my remaining 3 monthly evaluations. Hehe.. Peeped into da Education UK's website recently. Trying to look for some Universities that offer course that's related to my current course. Found some and i had my target now. Will work for it, InsyaAllah. Wish me Luck guys!!

p/s: to my sis, any opinion?

~sign out~

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Terdapat sedikit perubahan mengenai tarikh Majlis Rumah Terbuka AIC dan Yayasan Aman sempena dengan Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maklumat-maklumat baru mengenai majlis tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

Tarikh    : 25 Oktober 2008
Waktu    : 4.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.
Tempat   : Pejabat AIC dan Yayasan Aman, Seksyen 16/4, Petaling Jaya

Untuk tidak menyulitkan pihak pengurusan, sila maklumkan kehadiran anda di dalam forum,2167.0.html sebelum 19 Oktober 2008.

Anda semua dialu-alukan untuk membawa kuih raya bersama ketika menghadiri majlis tersebut.


Monday, October 06, 2008