As the day gets nearer...

We all getting... errr... should I say excited? Frustrated? or anxious? maybe scared? Hurm.. Let's mix it all up.. And the result? No words can describe how are we feeling as the day for our external verification comes nearer..

Just got the schedule on which group will present on which day. So, my group will be the second group. It's going to happen on Tuesday at 11.30 a.m. and end at 12.30 p.m. Before, I'd requested to be the 1st group, but then, I'm glad that Sry's group going to be first. At least, our group can see how the verifiers are. We really-really hope that they are going to be lenient. They should, because they are receiving RM 500 per-day for the verification. And they have at least 3 days to verifier every group. 3 days!! That's already RM 1500. Why can't I be a verifier.. haih~

Someone asked me to go to Putrajaya tomorrow. For a photo shoot. Of course, i'm not the one involve in the photo shoot. I was asked to go and just watch. You guys can close your mouth already.. Tomorrow is the 2nd photo shoot for this someone. The 1st happened in Tg. Malim. Next will be in Putrajaya, some where around Precint 2. So, we'll see if i manage to go there tomorrow. hehehe...

There'll be 2 farewell party by the end of this month. IE Leagues and All Semester 6. I think I'll attend the Ie Leagues party. But the other one.. Hurm.. Maybe not.. I'm broke right now. The party will cost around RM 35 per person. It's an all white party. U need to wear white from top till bottom. But still, other colors are okay. It's not that strict. Still, i don't think I'll go for it. However, it's a waste if i didn't go. haih~ What to do.. Forget about it already lah..

My sister is coming home next week. I'm going to KLIA to fetch her. But i still don't know at what time will she arrive. Haih~

I'm in Dilemma.. Woooo~ Such a strong word eh? hahaha... Let it be that way for the meantime... I'm going to look at it again after the External Verification. =)

~sign out~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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raja dyana said...

giler mengada 'someone'tu. nak ajak2 org lak. padahal g tengok je!haih..
[psst..baik x yah g. ;P].

nway..'someone' kata x jd kat persint 2. sekitar masjid je.