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Muke Hepi Naik Yaris Merah.. Hahaha...

Ok, I don't really have anything to write this time. The main purpose of this entry is to upload a few more pictures from Zul's wedding and the reunion. I know it's kind of hard to download it, at least for me it's hard due to the speed of the internet over here is quite slow. Haih~ So, there goes my picture for starting. Hahaha.. Ok, To those who wants to condemned the pictures, rather than voice it out, it'll be better if you guys just keep it to yourselves. Thank You. hehehe... 

The final examination is finished already. We're waiting for the external verification now. I was just informed that it will begin in 22nd June and finish in 24th June. 3 days. Only 1 group will present on 22nd, 2 groups on 23rd and another 2 groups on 24th. I need to go back to Malacca on the 23rd so, it'll be fantastic if our group get to present on the 22nd or 23rd. After that, we can go back until 13th July, where we have to come back to GMI. The documentation need to be covered with the hard-cover-stuff.

And it's unlikely that I'll be able to pursue my degree starting from this July. MIIT's staffs said that we need our sem 6 results for transfer credit process what-so-ever. haih~ What am i going to do for the remaining 6 months while waiting for the January intake? Work? Where? Haih~ I'm going to take the NCLP and Oracle Certificate. The total cost for the those certs are RM 1800. Huhuhu.. If failed, add up another RM 200 to re-take the exam. Money!!! 

Shuk, Fizi, Me, Tam and Bon

I have some sort of mock-up presentation this Thursday. haih~ Been working through the system for a while. Am trying to understand how it actually runs. 

My sister is coming home this 22nd June. After travelling to almost all over the world, she finally found the way back to Malaysia. Hahaha... Kidding2.. But sis, i do expect something from Spain. Hehehehe...

The rest of this post will be filled with pictures. Enjoy!!

Me N wan

Yaris and Camera Owner (Aki)

Ctm N Fida

Shuk, Pian n Daus

Ctm, Fida, Shuk n Me


Hahaha... Yg Baju merah tu namenye Erin.

Kepala wan, mata aku, pian, ecah, syafi, erin, maya, wani

Pasangan pengantin. Kiri tu akak zul, kanan tu zul.

Special pose drpd suami Zul, Zam

Farid (malu-mlu) hahaha..

lelaki: Ijat n Ku

Ecah, Norai ngan sape ntah yg xpndg camera tu.

Fariza, hajar, Nisa'

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


raja dyana said...

apa susah.tawaran masih terbuka.
bayaran? go n take a walk with my dad.boleh berdiskusi.ahaks!=P

acu said...

koe, still jealous kat korang sbb dpt kumpul ramai2, huhuhuhuhu. Aki nampak tembam lak dalam gambar tu, huhuhuhu. Anyway, good luck in your study and in everything that you try to achieve. May Allah bless us all......

Koe said...

dyana: ahahaha... tawaran atau deraan?

faiz: hehehehe... sila jealous.. nk wt cmne.. ko kt india lg pn.. xpela, bext reunion kte wat kt bangalore la.. hehehehehe... em, thanx faiz.. hehehehe...

raja dyana said...

tawaran, kalau awak berfikir secara positif...

Koe said...

tawaran ek?
yola tu..

raja dyana said...

xnak sudah!!!

aya said...

rase gambar aku, k.echa, wani n sape tah lg tu cam terover react plak...
malu giler...terlebih cheer up agak nyer...ayak...

Tqa Zack said...

gambar aku takde ke ?

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