Assignment, Sawadee Cup etc..

Final exam is just around the corner. 5 days left before my first paper. My preparation? Hahaha~ Z.E.R.O!!
I'm a last minute person. Always do things at the very last minute. *sigh* Got distracted by so many things. I don't know why am i getting lazier nowadays. huhuhu...

Joined the Fifa Online 2 Sawadee Cup Tournament last Sunday. My 1st tournament. However, i lost on the 2nd game. Got beaten 5-1 by RyaNLeo. A well known name in the FO2 world. 3rd seeded in malaysia. So, it's kind of acceptable. At least i thought so. Now i'm more determined to join the next tournament, which i know there'll be 1, but still don't know when and where.

After the tourney, went back to Malacca. Need to settle the MARA's agreement for my study's loan. haih~ D.E.B.T~ huhuhu.. At least, for now, i don't have to worry about paying the fees. Lol~ 

Now, u guys know that Pudu station bus has been  temporarily closed for renovation, aite? The bus station has been transfered to Bukit Jalil. I don't know how to rate it. It's a temporary bus station after all. Can't expect much. Err.. Been wondering whether i should buy the ticket to penang now, or on the day i'm departing. But i'm not going to use the Bukit Jalil's station. Need to go to Hentian Duta. 

Guys, JUMPING fair is here again. And it's always come during election. lol~ Why is it always come during the election? Propaganda? or just a coincidence. As usual, the news are going to be hideous whenever there's any by-election coming. It will always be so, whether before, during or after the elections. All of a sudden, so many bad things about the candidates will appear. Lol~ Trying to tell the world about others bad behavior. I'm not specifying this to any candidates in Hulu Selangor. it's general. Lol~

Been downloadind korean's drama lately. I'm so going to need it in Penang. Staying alone will surely make me feel bored. Really2 hope that there'll be internet access at the place where i'm going to stay. huhu~ *crossing fingers* 

Life is getting better and better everyday. Getting more and more excited to start working. But i don't want to expect much from it. Who knows what will happened in the future, aite? Sometimes u planned like this, but things happened like that. So, expect less and u'll be amazed. hahaha.. It does make sense. When things when higher than your expectation, you'll surely be amazed, aite?? Whether it's good or bad, aite? What ever it is, just follow the flow.

p/s: wish me luck 4 my final exam~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010