Study's stress~

It's April already.. At the end of this month, the final exam will start.. Somewhere around 26 if i'm not mistaken.. Got 4 papers only for this semester's final. Microprocessor and Digital Systems, Network Fundamental and Router Configuration, Politics and Economics In IT and Electrical and Electronic Fundamental. The 1st two subject carries 4 credit hours each, Politics carry 2 credit hours and Electrical carry 3 credit hours. No final exam for Mandarin 1 and Co-Cu 1. I got confused, carries is for plural or singular??? hahaha...

I find it hard to accept when people pronounce co-cu as co-co. It's co-CUrriculum not co-Corriculum. Did i spell it right?? hahaha.. Damn, my english is getting worst.

So, far i don't have big problems for all the final exam's subjects, except for the Microprocessor. Haih~ The lecture part isn't that hard. The practical @ lab part is giving me a major headache. With all the lab procedure, lab report and mini project. The lecturer seems like taking it lightly. For example, next week we need to do a presentation and a lab report on the 8086 training kit. Haven't used it before i came to UNIKL. But still, he don't want to give us any guidance on how to program it.When we asked about it, he simply asked us to explore it ourselves. Oh Come on!! If you just want a single output, it won't give us any trouble. But, 1 or 2 inputs with 3 outputs?? What the hell???

Someone made a deal with me.. hehehe.. If i can stay single for a year, i'll get a BIG reward. Yeah, it sure is BIG!! Hehehe.. I ain't gonna say it here. Want to know? I'll tell u guys.. after a year.. hahaha... Wink~ Wink~ Think i'm incapable of doing it??? hehehe.. I'm not that kind of person who can't live without a woman by my side. It's ridiculous. I'm fine on my own. No big deal.. =D So, guys... Koe is unavailable for at least a year!! LoL!!! Notice da words at least??? hehehehe...

Life's great so far. Nothing is bothering me anymore. I'm enjoying each and every second of it. After all, no one knows when they'll die. So, why should we mourn and sad?? Live our life to the fullest. Like Chris Allen says, 'Gotta live like we're dying'. We're all dying after all. We just don't know when the time will come,right??

I'm going back to Malacca this Saturday. Then i'd planned to pay Zul a visit. This time, with Iffah and maybe Norai. But, Iffah will confirm back to me about it on Friday. And this time, i'm going to bring camera along. Wait for the 1st picture of Zul's son on my blog guys!! =D

That's all for now.. Enjoy your life people!!

p/s: Lambatnye nak kol 5.30 a.m..

Friday, April 02, 2010


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