Day after day...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

I'm in Malacca now. Went back last Friday... needed to help my dad at da new shop... Owh, yeah! My dad is going to apen a Cafe in Jasin.. Da theme of da cafe is sum sort like antics n Kopitiam look-a-like... InsyaAllah, da cafe will be opened this monday, or at least next week.. I have to mop da whole cafe tomorrow.. Well, it's not dat hard.. Although i'll be doing it all by my self.. Ngehngehngeh... Well, there'll be western, chinese, and local foods at da cafe.. And MAYBE i'll set up a Wireless Area Network at da cafe in the future.. xP So, those who are nin or near Jasin, make sure u'll come to da cafe!! Not now, after it's opened of course.. xD

owh, i'd joined Mobile Money. Dunno wat it is? It's kinda bussiness dat sell so many things. But, i only concentrate in mobile reload. So, anyone who wanna top up or wanna become an agent, U can contact me anytime, 24/7.. xD Promote ni!! xP and yeah, for da top-up, it's cash n carry yerp... Xde utang2.. nk utang jual top-up sndri.. Ngeh..ngeh..ngeh...

Dis is another promotion:
To my friends in friendster.. Come and join xTremely j0vial group.. It's an interesting group.. Only if u r active.. xP We're going to have da first gathering for da group dis 17 Feb.. It'll be held in Sunway Pyramid.. So, let's join us there!!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008