Some words to remember...

Hurm.. Do u noe what'll happened to u in da future? Will ur future will be as bright as the sun or as dark as night without moon? Can u assure that ur future will be bright? No one can,aite? What if, u get a golden opportunity to add some lights in ur future? Would u let it go or would u grab it? Dun be a fool to let it go.. Grab it and hold it tight.. Never let it go.. Bcoz, when u let it go, there'll be others who will grab it, and the chances for u to grab it back is almost 0.. When u r in hold of it, take good care of it and find a way to make it bring more and more light in ur future..
As for those who don't have such opportunity, it doesn't mean that ur future would never be bright.. Strive for a bright future.. Never wait for such opportunity to come.. Better work for it, then u'll appreciate it more.. Never give up ur life... Everyday is a new day.. Yesterday was a lesson to remember, today is a new experience to be learned, and tomorrow should be better and better..
~sign out~

Saturday, February 16, 2008