Bloody Israel!!

I'm confident that all the muslims out there are currently hating the Israel. I am too.. They'd already cross the line when they started to attack the Palestinian from air. N now, they had started to invade Palestine. WTF?? U damn Israel. At 1st ur country aren't even in the map. And now you invade Palestine for what? To broaden your country? Kiss my ass Israel. Gaza will be your graveyard. I'm really anxious to see the Israel failed and DIE. Ungrateful human they are.

Then, the UN said that they don't have solution for this tragedy. WTF? Are you guys afraid of US? U guys afraid that the US will attack ur country when u go against them? U guys afraid that US will stop having any kind of trades with your country? Do u guys can just say no to the Israel. Is that all u can do? Talk is cheap man. U have ur own power, and your power can make you do more than just talk.

Let us all pray that the Israel will be doomed and crash to ashes. Israel is a filthy ungrateful shit!!

Monday, January 05, 2009