The end of this year's Ramadhan..

So, ramadhan is going to end soon.. Another 2 or 3 days, and we'll celebrate Hari Raya. Talk about hari raya, i haven't bought any baju raya yet. Planned to go for shopping this Saturday. But surely there'll be dozens of people on that day. And THAT, does have some potential to ruin my shopping mood. Haih~ Kinda hate to walk around places that are too crowded. But what can I do, have to buy some clothes.. Oh.. and at least a pair of jeans too..

Why do people always go for shopping, buy new clothes before hari raya? I know there're some, who doesn't only went for shopping before raya. For them, shopping is like a hobby. But look what happened when raya is just around the corner. Shopping centers and bazaars become crowded. Extremely!! Try to go to Masjid India or Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman tomorrow. Surely you'll regret. Oh, try to drive your car there too. And you'll wish that you would just walk instead.

Tomorrow, will be the last day for us to sell dishes in pasar ramadhan. Tomorrow will be the "Pulun habis" day i think. These last 3 days, business were going well. Very well.. Almost everyday, all the dishes were sold out. Thank You God!! Tomorrow i really hope that we will get the same result, so that i can have extra money for shopping.

Ahh.. I don't think that I'll be buying any new baju melayu this year. Tend to use the one that i wore during Popeye's wedding. The best man's. So, I need to find the trouser for the shirt. Don't remember where did i put it. Haih~

Got a job offer from my dad's friend. But not really interested to accept though. RM 450 per month. And i know i'll be working like hell. So, it's a no no no.. Choosy? hahaha.. Shut up!!

Not really in a good mood.. Why la koe? Raya is just around the corner. Come on! Cheer up!! No need to puasa anymore.. Should i? Some muslims are sad when ramadhan is going to end. Why can't i feel the same too.. But clearly, my current mood doesn't have any relations with the ending of Ramadhan. Still, there's nothing i can do about it. Just go to sleep and hope that everything will be fine when i wake up tomorrow. I really wish so.. Please god... Don't want any bad news.. And i'm not hoping for any neither.. Come on!! Be Positive!!

Enough mumbling.. Time for Fifa Online!!

~sign out~

Friday, September 18, 2009

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raja dyana said...

syg2...ada bad news? x tau pon..